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Aquapod 24


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Hey, I just got an aquapod 24g w/ 150w Metal Halide lighting, and a stand off ebay for only $202.50 :happydance: anyhow, i would like to know some mods i could make. So far i think i am going to replace the stock pump with a MJ900, and drill a second return with a MJ900, either both hydorflo or one hydorflo and one of those "loc lines" i think they're called. I need some help figuring out the filtration part in the back, i was thinking Lr rubble in one of the chambers. What purpose does a skimmer serve?



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Congrats on a good deal. It sounds like you are off to a good start. I don't have any experience with hydorflo's but I know alot of people on here use em. When I had my AP24 set up I filled one of the chambers with chaeto and LR rubble, and that was the only "filtration" I had. I never really ran into any problems with that tank. I like the Idea of two mj900's, you should have pretty good water circulation with them. Skimmers pull fish crap and other organic waste out of the water. I never ran a skimmer on my AP24 or ever dosed anything at all. Just be religous with your water changes and keep your bio-load down, and don't over feed and you should be good to go. Good luck!!

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got my light today :happydance: . what i didnt know was that the tank light and stand are all NEW :eek: . i thought i was buying a used tank for the price i paid :bling: . will post pics when i get the tank tomorrow.......hopefully

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