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Finally coral in my re-done 10g


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hey guys gonne get some pics up of my new coral in a few days soon as i get the battery for my camera, just picked up a lot of coral and some inverts, list is:


bright yellow monti cap

bright turquise acro frag, not sure what species just yet

rose color pagoda with bright yellow polyps

super colored green blue turquoise and purple 2" crocea clam

red and green eagle eye zoas with neon green zoas mixed in

super fluorescnt true rose bulb anemone for my percula pair

super red fluorescent shrooms

and finally some blue legged hermits and a few small snails, i think I bought the nassarius


pics to come, and maybe a few more assorted peices, doing this tank right with high flow, wave maker and 70w 14000k mh. maybe a cpr aquafuge with skimmer but for now hob emperor 400 as fuge

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ok here a bunch of pics of my reconstructed tank










the acro is not open yet but its bright metallic turquiose and I just got this camera so excuse the unprofessional images, still getting used to it. hope you like em

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remember this tank has been running over two years now, I just put it in new a new tank and re arranged the rock. Its been sitting in algae for a few months, just cleaned it up. If it was newly established id never do that in a million years, iv had many corals in the past

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if anyone is interested I might frag the pagoda in a week or two, its a little big for my tank and I want it to grow in. The frag would be the part sticking up on the left. I will get a better pic if interested, coral is a rosey colors with bright yellow underside and polyps, I just didnt have the color on my camera set well because it was was of the first shots I took with it. looking for some colorful stuff, not yellow orm red though since I have a lot of that so far. pm if interested

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