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refuge inhabitants


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OK what i want to know is

A) What things are neccesary, or extremely beneficial to keeping in a refuge (besides LS, macro, and rubble rock)

B) On top of that, what kind of things can, either with little benefit, or at least with out any hinderance, be kept in a refugium...

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Maybe a few Nass. snails, depending on the size of the refugium. Floridapets.com sells all sorts of good refugium critters, though I have never bought from them. Cleaner clams, all sort of snails, etc.

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Whether they are useful or not, the critters I've purposefully put in my fuge are stomatella,cerith,and nassarious snails, a fighting conch. Spaghetti worms, bristleworms, featherdusters, brittlestars, and sponges.

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