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Running maxijet dry? Fire?


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Hi All,


Hypothetically, is it possible that a maxijet powerhead that has run dry could start a fire? :huh: I would be running a maxijet 400 or 600 with a timed topoff. I will be using a digital timer to run the powerhead for one minute each night. Worst case scenario, if the pump ran dry for 2 days what would happen? Just a dead powerhead? Thanks alot for your thoughts! :)



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Neither, lol. I've been using the same maxi-jet 1200 to run my topoffs (with kalk in it even!) for 4 years now and it still runs. It has run dry for more than 4 days straight and as soon as it gets submerged its back to pumping water again. I've never even cleaned it either.


Edit: I should also add that I do not run a timer on my topoff system, so when I say it has run dry for up to 4 days, I mean 24 hours a day for 4 days.

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My MJ1200 i have on my Aqua C Remora is in a surface skimmer. With evaporation it runs dry often enough (i.e if i got away or get busy, occationally at nite or at work). I've seen no problems to date.

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Ok, lets be clear that it should not actually run dry. I do advocate pushing your equipment to the limit as well as cool DIY mods, but there is a risk to this.


MJ's could start a fire if they run dry for a long time. Its possible. Not likely or certain, but possible. So just be aware of that.


I suggest simply using a large enough resorvoir so that you dont let it run dry at all.


Also, if your looking for good and more accurate ATO solutions, check out the DIY forum here on NR.com and they have some good suggestions that Ive used in the past.


Personally i gotta say, nothing beats the Tunze Osmolator...i have three (one for each of my tanks) and they're great!

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