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ID this weird zoa crab please?


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i woke up this morning, and was about to add some purple up, until i noticed this orange and white crab eating my zoas. i noticed him before and my lfs said that he was harmless so whatever, but i guess not :angry:

ive had him in my tank since about march, but i didnt think i had a problem, but when i fragged my zoas, i noticed one colony kept getting smaller and smaller, until now i know why. well i was wondering if you guys can ID him for me please, photos are a bit blurry, but his colours stand out so it makes it a little easier, - thanks alot guys.






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My best guess is a pom pom crab from the colors, but they should not be eating zoas. You'll have to get a better picture to get a positive ID. Don't hold the animal up in the air to take the picture, your camera is focusing on the background. Set the crab down and move the camera closer.

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Way, WAY too big to be a pom pom crab, plus it looks like it has the shape of a mithrax crab. Either way, that crab looks really cool, its a shame he eats zoanthids :(


On the plus side, there are some people that would kill to have a kick ass crab that eats zoanthids.

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I dunno, I would put him in your filter or take him back to the LFS before you decide to kill him.


Does he have big claws or little claws, and are you sure he is eating your zoas?

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ok, first of all, stop trying to put the crab so close to your camera. the closer you get, doesn't mean the better of a photo. your camera is definitely unable to focus so closely.


Do this, move it further away so that it becomes in focus.


Look at your photos, the ground and background are always in focus, so move it further away so that it can be focused.


THEN we can finally tell you what it is.

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well, i woke up this morning and he was sitting on the zoas, and like 2 or 3 zoas were sliced.


i really have no clue what to do with him, let alone what he type of crab he is.. and he has big pincers, well for his size he does.


alright, here, its my camera phone thats why. :D



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yeah id ont think a camera phone is going to be able to take better shots than what was previously given

are the tips of the claws black or dark?

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every zoa crab ive ever found had black tips so i just use that as a base

also if the crab is hairy than more than likely not a friendly crab

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alright thanks, no wonder my zoa has been dissappearing, i was wondering what this guy was feeding off of, since i didnt feed him. now i know, thanks, what do you do with the crabs?

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yeah he looked alot like a pom pom, but looking at that thread it's just the pattern that looks like it... man I want more pom pom crabs in my tank they are entertaining to watch waving their anemones around like they are dancing

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