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Camo's 29 Bio cube Thread


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Hello All, My name is Daniel, just wanted to share my tank's progress, and gain any comments and suggestions. I have been doing this line of hobby for about 8 years now. My fiance bought me my 29 cube for my birthday earlier this month.


1) Tank Setup 6/8 (LS, SW only)

2)Pictures start with 6lbs of LR (pic on 6/09)



Right after this picture I added another 4 lbs of rock...



Now, 11 days after initial setup, tested water yesterday---> pH-8.2, NH3/4- <.25ppm, Nitrite-<.1ppm, Nitrate-still <10ppm, S/g- 1.025-1.026

added another 4-5lbs LR and 5 turbos. Starting to look like a tank now!!!

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