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First Pico Set-up


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Hello all... First time poster, short term lurker... B) This is my first attempt at a pico, but not my first SW tank...

The tank, lighting (total of 26W), heater, and filter are all from Azoo... I added a Rio 50 (thx to a previous poster, for that info ;) ), as well as 6# of live rock, and about 5# of live sand. When I purchased the LR the guy threw in the bubble, as it was in the LR tank (I just hope it makes it... :unsure: ). It's been up and running now for 4 days, and everything is looking good... I've been topping it off daily with RO, and I am planning a 1/2 gal WC every week... I'm also adding 2 drops of each B-Ionic daily for calcium... I've read about the chaeto, but am unsure yet if I will add it (time will tell)... Let me know what you think, and any suggestions, are more than welcome... :happy:










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looks real good man, ive got the picotope and love it. Id suggest getting an AC50 at least (i wish i got the 70 or 110 and trimmed down the prop to slow the flow) and turn that into a fuge...use ur stock Pico light for the fuge, Im going to set it up so it rests on the back of the AC instead of resting on top of it.


Id also suggest getting the Nano Nimble to clean the tank, I picked one up from jerome and its awesome. www.nimblenano.com I believe


but looken great man, Keep it up



last thing...what Kind of heater is that? Mine is big and bulky and takes up to much real estate

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Very nice.


I would not get too hung up about dosing with additional calcium, regular water changes and you should have all the calcium that your reef needs.

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i see, well tanks looking nice, forgot to add that

thx... I've been doing a 1/2 Gal H2O exchange every 3 days... Worth every bit...


using the "nano" too... :D

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