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fern like algea


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so i have this green fernish like algea on some of the walls of my tank, im not sure what i should do about it, get a magna scraper for the most part or just hope the cleanup crew works it out.. its a new tank (1 1/2) months) but its looking pretty gnarly. could it be too much light (10,000 k/actinic) any ideas?

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use the search.


Use your manners, anyone can ask any reef related question they want here so please don't be rude.


For the life of me I cannot think of the species however from what I have read increasing magnesium helps kill off hair and other unwanted algae.

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Have you tried phosguard or similar product? I used to have macro algae, a ton of it. And I like the look. But then I have unwanted algaes too. Then I used phosguard to get rid of those. Unfortunately, my tough-as-nail macro algae withered away too, most likely due to the lack of phostrate. Ya, the macro is fern-like too. It is a Capulera *spelling* type of algae.


My other tank, without the phosguard, is a jungle of macro without the phosguard. hth

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Without jumping to conclusions...

...you should post a pic to make sure its not anything harmful. And relax, its likely not anything harmful at all.


Ive had a red fern like plant in my nano since day one. A couple years ago it got very large, but eventually declined in size. It never hurt anything and has had no negative effects on the tank.


Therefore, i say leave it in there. Maybe one day it'll be a food source for another creature or it might help for some macro filterization of your tank.

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