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I guess I should at least say hello!


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Hello everyone at Nano-Reef.com.


As you can see I have been a member for a long time but never posted. Well in case you haven't noticed that changes today. :happy: I didn't want my very first post to be a problem or asking a question that someone should know the answer to because the information is plastered on a million pages in a google search. What's a good example, oh here we go: "Can I put a great white shark into my half gallon freshwater tank with no water in full sun?" I have no questions or anything like that, they will probably be questions about something that I don't fully understand which hopefully I won't be harrased to much over.


So what kinda tank do I have? One that's good enough for me. I don't take pictures of it because I have one of those cameras that will blur everything in the viewfinder. That doesn't really bother me because I got the camera as a gift. Anyways, it's a nanocube 24 tank, no hood that's been up and running semi-successfully for a year and seven months. I ripped the original hood off five months later when the screws started to rust. That was perfect timing for my 150 watt mh light and my crocea. Well after my tank hit 93 degrees one blistering hot summer day I got a 1/10 hp chiller. Then one day I had to have a protein skimmer. Alright I'll admit it, I'm a hardware junkie. Right now I'm looking into an ozotech poseidon ozone generator. I now what most people would say, "That's not neecessary." That's true, but it is wanted just like a calcium reactor. I don't have a hydrometer, I have a Pinpoint salinity monitor. I don't have a colorimetric pH test (as my main test, it's for verification purposes every month and a half) I have a pH controller. I also have an ORP controller, which reads between 267 and 290.


As far as corals go there's a lot of stuff in there, all of which came from my 'LFS' an hour and a half away That Fish Place. I have:


Green striped mushrooms galore

Pinkish hairy mushrooms


Two types of acropora, I have no idea what kind

one yellow with pinkish purple poyps montipora

a tiny green birds nest

a red monti cap

a tiny psammacora coral

what was called a slipper coral but I think it's actually a plate coral

a pretty good sized piece of moon coral that I probably try to figure out how to frag

something like this except the mouths aren't all round like the picture shows, I need to frag that also

the something

A hydnophora that looks pretty good compared to when I got it which I should frag the living parts and chuck the rest

a bubble blowing Hammer coral

some zoa, but I could always use more :)




My angry Percula #3

A super spazy but still friendly blue/green Chromis. He's my oldest at a year and six months


random inverts


Nassarius snails

nerite (love the shell patterns)


cerith (horny buggers. They breed like mad)


I can't remember the actual name of them but I call them Lee Press On Snails

A nice Sally Light Foot crab

a featherduster

blue legged hermits (the only ones that will ever be allowed into any of my tanks)

a zebra hermit banished to the rear chamber of solitude (dont worry I feed him and he has live rock to play with)

and two cleaner shrimp


and finally my love affair :wub: (what got me into this fun money pit)


Two Crocea Clams


Graveyard (everyone has one and I am really sad that any of this happened)


a citron goby-vanished like a bad magic trick (quite upset about that he had a cool attitude I pulled out all live rock to not find him)

jawfish that loved plush carpet (I miss his little head poking out from under my live rock)

Percula #1 discovered what that spinny thing in the water pump was

percula #2, which lived in bubble blowing hammer coral, chased out by percula #3 (Percula #3 is a jerk)

a gorgeous slipper coral attacked by palythoas knocked off by zebra hermit

and three heads of Blastomussa merletti (they just withered away, I even tried to feed them)

A huge turbo snail that knocked whatever it possibly could out of the way. It was eaten by the zebra hermit for the shell.

and of course the natural snail death


Not too terrible of a graveyard but one that I wish I didn't have or at least wasn't so long on the fish side


As for things that I have learned from the critters I have:


Cleaner shrimp love to eat human flesh, so if you have a cut watch out.

mushrooms and anthelia are like weeds, they pop up in the most random parts of your tank including where you don't want them.

everyone thinks clams are cool including people that hate fish

Finally, I found out that I am going to slap the next person that calls my percula "Nemo". I hate that.


I am hoping to be able to poke my head into some of the forums and give some advice from what I have learned and hopefully buy some corals or possibly trade some of these wretched green striped mushrooms.


Oh and Mvite, if you read this I want to win the ebay auctions of yours that I bid on. fingerscrossed


That's the other thing that I like about this forum, there are people that have great reputations and want to keep that reputation intact.


That's a ridiculously long hello. Here's the abriged version:


Hi! :lol:

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At least it take me 5 minutes to read this thread.

But its still 2 and a half hours more before i can knock off from work!

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