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seating a MH bulb on its socket - WTH!


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Is there a trick to this?

Trying to hook up a 150W, 14K bulb on a PFO pendant.

The size is right it is just that the springs on the sockets make it so hard.

I apologize in advance if this is an uberstupid question.



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It's not stupid, I had a hell of a time getting my Ushio 20K to fit into the sockets. I actually broke off a piece of the ceramic tip in the process. I ended up unscrewing one of the sockets to fit the bulb in and then tightening the socket back in. I prefer the Mogul SE bulbs!

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lol r u guys having trouble with the DE bulbs? lol yeah thos are a PITA. along with the other DE bulbs....

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Thanks for the advice guys.

Yeah, I was afraid of breaking the bulb also so I didn't want to force it in.

I figured if nothing else worked I have to unscrew the socket and go from there.

Thanks again.


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