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a peice of my leather coral is dieing, like the leather coral is growing on a rock, and on that rock are other seperate leather corals, and one of them is dieing, would it affect the other ones? and should i snip it off? thanks.

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=/ doesnt seem like the other parts of it are, its just that one peice, it doesnt even stand up straight anymore, its like dangling, but i unno if thats cause of the other branches that are going out of it are weighing it down.

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can you post a pic? we don't know the genus or species or how it looks. sorry but the amount of variables of what you describe are almost mindboggling for us to try and figure out.


consider a similar situation of emailing a doctor and telling him/her you're sick. you'll have to provide a lot of information to be able to get a halfway decent diagnosis.


easy folks.


lobo, if you're just wondering what to do in this general situation, i would just toss the ailing coral. but that's a bit harsh and irresponsible for me to just say "off the cuff". i'd like to be able to save the coral/help you.


but to do so, we need to have a lot more info. most people usually don't provide sufficient information but still expect a solid detailed answer. it's especially difficult when the question isn't posed correctly.


very often, i'd like to include a very detailed answer because a lot of the "answers" are not very simple. we're dealing with mini-ecosystems here so it's not just plugging a leak. sarcos and softies tend to be even more problematic as they generate many chemicals that aren't even detectable by hobbyists that affect the whole system (including themselves).


so your question is pretty loaded. the easy thing to do is just toss it but it may not even be ill, hence my reluctance to just suggest something like that.


give us more info so we can help you better.

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