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brownish alge in a BC 29


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My tank has been running for almost one week. 30lbs of live rock, some crabs and snails. There is a lot of brownish alge forming. I did a water change yesterday. Is it related to the lights? How much time should each light be on? I have the lights that came with the kit.

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You did a water change already?


You shouldn't do any water changes until after your cycle is complete. The "brownish algae" is most likely a diatom bloom and a good healthy indicator that your tank was on track. Once your tank is cycled your clean up crew will take care of it. Cerith and Nerite snails do a great job on Diatoms.


What is your set up? What kind of water and rock are you using? What are your peramiters? Have you tested your water? What is your lighting schedule?


There are so many variables that could affect your tank and the more information you give the better the advice you will ger and the more likely people are going to help you out.


Keep posting on your progress and post some pics!


Good Luck.

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