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Where did my firefish go?


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I got a firefish yesterday, acclimated him and put him in my tank. He was doing well last night, eating well. Today, though, I can't find him.I haven't dug through the LR or anything yet, but I'm terrified a mantis got him, as I did hear some clicking from my tank last night...


Is it possible he's just feeling shy?

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Phew... I think I saw him hiding behind the LR...

I got one little over a week ago. He spent the first half of the week hiding, and then came out a little more each day. I've rewarded him with food when he does. Now, after about a week, he's out maybe 1/2 the time.

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after 1 month, mine is up 95% of the time.



Mine is starting to get better... at elast 3 months now... He's been getting more and more brave. I don't mind that he hides so much. Kind of cool when he decides to make an appearance.

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