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Grissengeri Gobies in stock!


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Size: 1/4 inch


I'd like to see one of these guys in person, I'd be worried my sexy shrimp might eat it, lol.

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haha at a 1/4" your sexy shrimp might eat it, there is no way its that small, hahaha i feed my fish mysis that are bigger

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^^I know! A 1/4in! Hey if anyone gets one, watch them with the pods. It could get nasty. You might lose your $99 fish! LOL JKJKJK


Cool litte fish.

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actually they are found that small

my lfs had one that was only 1/2"

beautiful fish but very small

even at full size i think its like 1"?

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Looks like a great price. They only get to 1" full grown so 1/4" aint too bad.


Anyone ever try keeping two of them together before?

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If I had another small tank without any fish, I would love to have one of these guys.. has anyone ever had one though??

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Helfrichs Chick

Feed 3-4 times a day. That is a great price. One of my LFS had 4 in a 5 gallon together. They went one by one, and not sure if they died or were sold, but all appeared very healthy and I know they got fed 4x a day. They were $199.00

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Thanks for the info. There are tons of pods in the tank for him to munch on and I plan on loading the tank with newly hatched BBS so that he can munch on something throughout the day.


Depending on how this goes, I'm considering another one already. It's either that or a cryptic sixline wrasse.

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