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mysterious mushroom meltdown!

Joe b

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Hello all, I'm in need of some advice and answers. I will try to provide as much info that I can. I have a 3 gallon pico that has been up and running for 3 mths. Tank dwellers are pulsing xenia, anthelia, 3 different zoa frags, monti cap, green button polyps and 5 melting mushrooms. I work nights and when I came home I checked the tank as usual(got to, I'm addicted) and everyone was fine. So I went to sleep for about 6 hrs and found all 5 mushrooms melted with almost everthing gone, mushroom wise. All other corals are doing well. So I immediatly did water tests as follows temp-79.3 ph-8.3 phos-0 nitrate-0 nitrite-0 alk-10 and cal-360. Any and all help welcome!oh yeah sg at 1.023-1.024 all parameters stay very constant

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What are your temp like? Its getting to that time of the year... I had to take apart the outside exchanger for my air conditioning yesterday to clean it, while it was shut down my tank got up to 84F and my mushrooms were looking pretty sad.

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QUOTE(Joe b @ Jun 25 2007, 06:38 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Temp stays at 78 to 79. Lights are 36 w power compact

exact thing happened to my mushroom rock this weekend also..dont know what happened everything else seems fine too..

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