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Deciding on a maker


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I've had nano's before but never the "all-in-one" type cubes so we're really trying to decide which maker to go with. There are four I know of currently: Aquamedic Nanowave, CurrentUSA Aquapod, JBJ Nanocube and the Oceanic Biocube.


I'm still doing a lot of reading up about these but if anyone has any opinions on which is better and what the benefits of one over others are I'd gladly take any input.

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How much do you want to spend? I'd look to Finnex or CADLights if you have the extra cash.


Aside from that...do you want SPS? <If so, get the nanocube w/ a MH

I'd personally avoid the nanowave and aquapod because there are very little mods for light.


I have the 14 BC and love it...mostly. Check out the All-In-One section (where this post should be :P) and see what mods people did to their tanks.

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Sorry about posting in the wrong area. I didn't realize this was the wrong place for it.


So I looked up Finnex and CADLights because I hadn't heard about them and definitely noticed how much more they cost :eek. Not really wanting to spend that much but what is it that makes the price so much higher than the rest?


The tank ultimately isn't for me...it's for a relative who wants to upgrade her current nano (it's a cheapy plastic tank w/ no brand on it) and at the moment I don't think she has any SPS in it. Just softies and maybe a few LPS.


Overall, price wise, which is considered the be the best value? Are any of them known for having a longer lifespan than the rest?

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They're really all the same, just slightly different size or sump/refugium setup. None is really a better value, or has a longer lifespan (at least not the biocube, aquapod, nanocube group)


The best idea is just to find the one you can get the cheapest, and preferably the one with the modifications you want already done for you.

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