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opinions on nanocustoms nanocube 24


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I was comparing some options for purchasing a tank and was suggested to look at nanocustoms (and similar sites) as good first steps for beginners. The Nanocustoms NanoCube 24 - NC3.36 (108w) looked appealing but as a first timer Im not sure if thats to much or not enough of what I will need. Does anyone have exprience with these kits or suggestions of another good one?




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I have that exact hood.


GREAT craftsmanship (Let them build it, don't mess with the DIY). Pop for the extra fans, it can sound a bit loud at first but it helps with temps. Also if the noise of the fans is a problem then you can get a variable controler to crank them down while your in the room.


I can keep Gorgonia's and a lot of SPS now under this lighting but I still plan to upgrade to halide lighting.


Lot's of pictures of my setup in my photobucket account here




I'd buy it again if I was starting out.

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There are alot of choices out there. There are positives and negatives to the all-n-ones, but you cant go very wrong with a nanocustoms setup.

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