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Need a clean up crew...


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I need a clean up crew for my 10gal. My LFS sucks at stocking them (all they ever have are hermits). So I'm going to have to go online. I'm not really happy about having to spend all the $$$ on s/h for just a few critters but this is how it has to be. I thought about going in w/ a friend that has a 75gal. to get it, but he doesn't want to (or doesnt' need to).


So, what are some good online vendors to get a clean up crew from? TIA.

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I highly suggest the first thing you do is find a local reef club and their forum. I've done this multiple times, It's best to find a place to buy from as close as possible so shipping won't be as hard. When you get a group buy going on with 3 or 4 people sometimes you can get your livestock shipped free depending where your getting them from. Sometimes you can get excess CUC from fellow reefers in the area and save alot of money! I'm sure others will back me up on this.



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