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Tank growth in 4 months


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Well I have been bitten by the reef bug and thought I'd show the growth of the 10gal in the last 4 months

At start



And today


Holy crap thats a nice tank and also what are the filtraton, light ,ect. One last thing nice color mix.

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wow if you showed me the first shot then told me what it was going to look like I wouldnt have beleived you. I hope My 10g will fill in like that. I may have to buy more frags lol



Whats your lighting specs, AC fuge modd?

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The fuge is a modded AC110 with 2 in sand , 5lbs live rock and Caulerpa with 13 watt CF on 10hrs and 22watt cf on 24/7


tank lighting 2 x26 6500k CF , 1 x 20watt 18000k NO and 2x 20watt atinic NO

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is that a pocilipora i see in there? hows it doing under that lighting? just curious because there isnt nearly enough info on non mh/t5ho tanks with sps in them. I know pocilipora is one of hte less light demanding sps though

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