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Aquapod 24 What fish?


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Hello all,

I just set up my new Aquapod 24 :D and was wondering what size of fish can I put in? Would a yellow tang get to large? If so what size fish am I looking for? I plan on moving my yellow clown goby and true perc with her lta but would like to add others. Thanks for the input. Shawn

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The Goby and Percula will look nice.


One more fish is all I would add. Perhaps a Pistol Shrimp & Goby pair. Keep it small and manageable. More fish would look cool...but only until your tank crashed.

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Thanks for the replies. I thought a tang would be to large. I want to add something with a lot of color, any thoughts?

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yasha haze goby or flaming prawn goby if you want to spend the $ ... or a yellow coris wrasse if you want some yellow

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