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Product to control red and other algae problems


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I have used this product several times and it has worked great each time. I cut the pad to fit in a canister filter so no water bypass. It can be used in many different filters, use your imagination.

I have been having red slime algae showing up on the sand of a new set-up (6-8 week) and siphoning the sand off only worked for a day as it would come back and I lost the top layer of my sand so I remembered Fostersmith phospur pads. I had used these for a time but had run out and since my 20 cube had settled with its refugium I stopped ordering them.

Last night I got one from a friend, cut out a square to fit into my canister filter and this morning the red algae is completely gone.

Take it for what it is worth, I am just sharing what works for me. I do wish I had taken pics before it dissapeared so those with this problem can see and find relief.

This was for a 14gl so larger tanks may take longer with more pad needed. There are others I had shared this with that have had good results.


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I have had tremendous success with these phosphate pads as well, for a while I was having Hair Algae problems that just never seemed to go away. I had my photo period down to 4 hours a day and had lowered my feedings to almost once a week. It had stopped the algae growth but it was still there. My phosphates where 0 but I assume thats just because the algae where consuming the phosphates. I started using those phosphate pads and the hair algae started to recede, took about a month but I have no problems of HA now. I run those pads on a HOB filter, just cut them to fit shake the pad off and drop it in. I'm sure this is similar to using phosban but if you don't want to mess with a reactor this is a pretty good fix. I don't have any algae in the tank currently and don't need to scrub the glass hardly at all maybe once every 2 weeks

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