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Does this look like my Anemone is bleaching?


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Hi all,


I've recently become a little concerned about my anemone. It seems to be almost white on some arms and near its base a little. It's especially noticeable at night when he's bunched up a little more. The white on the base looks more like striations, kind of like Ca build up but the arms look more like loss of colour. I feel like it's a tad more translucent as a whole then before as well and it leads me to the fear that it's loosing it symbiotic zoo algae. Anyway have a look for yourself and let me know. It seems otherwise healthy.


Reasons why it could be stressed:

-Altered flow dynamic so I think more water might be hitting its base then it like, although it's not like it's decided to move over it

-Dosing more Kalk water although the Ca levels are still lower then I'd prefer so it's not like I'm over board

-no nitrates or anything like that, water seems to be in good shape





A- pointing at white on base, striations

B- More or less just less colour then before I think


Any idea, exp or opinions are welcome

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Size: 25 gallon

Params: Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite= 0ppm

Ca=280ppm , Alk= 7 dKH, pH 8.2, Temp= 81 F,

Lighting: 150w HQI MH w/ 14k Bulb

Feeding: At least once a week (sometimes twice) it gets 1-2 krill

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I'm gonna take a longshot guess, and say that's the nem thats in your sig??????

It doesn't look bleached to me, but it doesn't look too healthy all around. Ca is at 280? That's low, way too low IMO. Though nems aren't big Ca consuming organisms, it may be indicative of another problem(thinking trace like stront or magn.)


Why not do several larger volume water changes to bring levels back up a bit? Perhaps you may also want to try soaking the food in some Zoe or other product. It may be lacking something nutritionally.


Sorry I can't be of more help. The white seems more than normal, but all BTA's have white on them. It just seems more noticable when they get large.


How long have you had it? How big is it?


If the foot is still holding firm, and the tentacles are still sticky, it's still strong. You've got time. You may also want to try some other foods. I've found mine respond best to softer foods like squid, or the meat from silversides(no bones.)

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I don't know much about the BTA but from experience with Sebae Anemone (and I believe the BTA has the same requirements) you should have your Alk between 8-12 dKH, I keep mine between 9-10 at all times. Make sure you keep up on your Iodine/Iodide and Trace Elements. All your other parms. seem fine. Maybe do as suggested and try a couple of w/c's. Try some raw shrimp a few times a week as well.


- Chris

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Agreed with the Alk, however, not with the iodine. Nothing personal, I've just never dosed iodine. It's too easy to OD on it IMO. Well, I can't say never.... I did dose it when I had xenia.....

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I've had the nem for 7 or 8 months now, and yes your correct he's the one in the sig. Hes pretty big at least 6-7inches. I've seen him stretch to 10 depending on how he has himself positioned. His tenticles are still quite sticky and he's still firmly attached to his rock.


I know Ca and alk arn't where I would like them. I've been dosing with Kalk although it seems until I have ionic balance I need to use Calcium Chloride instead. I'm starting that right after I do a water change. I tested Mag a while back and it was borderline normal on the low side. I think ill do a couple water changes although this damn IO salt I have is low to begin with in Ca so that doesn't help. According to an article I read I shouldn't try upping the alk until the Ca is where it needs to be.


I've heard reports that iodine is in most foods we feed and that when we dose we often push it to toxic levels.


I'll be sure to feed him every other day for now see if that helps at all. I've tried getting silversides but the LFS here dosn't carry them. Maybe a FW feeder guppies now and then? I'll try giving him some bunched up mysis and other zooplankton from cubes. Like I said he's still sticky so he shouldn't have too much of a problem with that, small as it might be.

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You might want to try something "meatier" than zooplankton. Most any raw seafood from your grocery store, cut up into small pieces will suffice.

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Don't feel bad about the salt... All of them are low on one thing or another. I use TM, it comes to about 380-390 Ca. Still lower than NSW. Oceanic has Ca around 500, but the Alk is way low.


If the LFS doesn't carry something, try the supermarket(as mentioned above). I've even bought whole clams and oysters to feed my tank with.

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it doesn't look bleached to me. the white striations and speckles are normal for a bta... desireable in by some hobbyists in fact. the drab color may be natural, but i'd take ray's suggestions. all is not lost: it looks like the foots still holding strong, tentacle length and density is good, and no noticeable necrosis.


good luck!

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