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I need some help


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So here's what's going on. A while back, I posted a thread saying that I had some GSP receding (link). Well, it all "went away" shortly after my last post in that thread. It was a TON of GSP that disappeared. Not too long ago I received some more GSP and Zoos from Six and about a month after I got them, half the Zoos and the GSP disappeared in one night. I think I might have something eating them. The only known inhabitants are a Chromis, a skunk cleaner, some snails, and one blue leg hermit. I also have one of these snails pictured below that I found in a favorite fishing spot last year. Do you guys recognize that snail? It's the only thing that I can think of that would be to blame for the disappearing GSP and Zoos.






Just as I was taking a picture of the snail, I found that frag of GSP that Six sent me. So, the casualties are just a few Zoos and that big rock covered with GSP that I talked about in the thread in the link above. So I guess my question is, do you guys think the snail above is one that will prey on coral?

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let me get this right. you added something that you found in the ocean? without an id? wow! brave. sorry i can't venture a guess.


i would say that native species may be more predatory or willing to taste non-natives esp because they didn't know that the non-natives were not food. of course this is all a wash if the snail is a herbavore. regardlees, it sucks for you. quarintine the snail until you know that it is not the culprit.

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does it live in the sand like a nassarius or on the rocks and glass. if it stays on the sand, than it is probably a scavanger/carnivore, and might have eaten them. If it only goes on the rocks and glass, it is probably an algae eater (safe).

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throw that snail away its just a snail, why risk even more damage if your problem stops you have found the answer

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He stays in the sand. I've had a bunch of them in another tank, and it always had pristeen sand, so that's why I put it in this tank. I guess I'll just put it back into the other tank. Thanks guys for the input.

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it looks like a couch to me... does it jump and throw itself around on the sand? couch does that a lot.

lol, couch or conch? :haha:

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I agree with above, I wouldn't put anything from the ocean in my tank. I would also advise that you don't tell anyone if you do. In some areas there are laws against that. There was a big controversy on RC on this topic last year.


As far as the snail being a predator, anything is possible, however most cleaners will only prey on your corals when they are starting to decay. Have you run a battery of tests lately on your tank?

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I run tests weekly and all has been well. I relocated the snail to a FOWLR tank. I don't think he'll cause problems there. Thanks for the tips.


Duncan, no he doesn't flip around on the sand. Just cruises through the sand and sometimes on the rocks.

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