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Possibly a prop tank ?


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Welll....I'm still in OH and I was talking to my stepdad and he brought up my lizards cage over my headboard (on my bed). He said 'wouldn't it be cool to have two tanks over the headboard' ?


Sooo...my thoughts are either a 20L or 30L with a TEK fixture over it !

My own prop tank! :) Not to mention I will plumb it into my BC and a common fuge :) 20 (or 30) + 14 + Xsump = 44g +!


Now before anybody comments about using MH instead of T5 that's not an option...at all :P

Can somebody explain to me the difference between T5 HO and VHO ?

What would be the best fixture for a 20L or 30L ?


Sorry if nobody cares...but I was going to have to wait a year+ to do this !

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Anybody know of any other fixtures (not retros...I dont wanna make a canopy) that are cheaper than the TEK and have individual reflectors?


What size sump would you guys run? And does anybody know where I can get an acrylic 20L near IL?


Diskusting, I was just in OH over the weekend! Whereabouts are ya?

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right now there really is no set t5vho...but some reefers do consider running an icecap ballast with t5's the t5vho because they overdrive the bulbs

congrats on the new possibility

cant wait to see the setup

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