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29AGA update....6 months


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My tank like everyones has went through some changes. But I thought Id post some pics.


Hope everyone likes. Comments welcomed and appreciated. Thanks


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nice tank man! its definetly filled out alot. i got one question regarding all your zoos: how long did it take for them to grow and spread all over and blend together? also, how many polyps were they when you first got the original zoo colonies?

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Thanks for the comment. The large colony in the bottom left is actually three different kinds. Some common names RDE, lime green, and whamin Watermelons. That colony was huge and grew fast. I have fragged it numerous times. The other colonys are slower growing. But overall everything is growing way faster than I ever expected.


Im going to frag the colt and xenia this week. Will give away free minus shipping if anyone wants.

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