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I dont think its a Nudibranch?


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hmmm havent seen one of these before. Found it in my tank today slithering on the rocks.


Maybe a nudibranch or a snail of some type. It looks to have a like a fingernail shaped flat shell on it.






Is it good or bad?

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Yup, stomatella. I have seen them white/grey and also a black/white spot colors. That round disk on the top is their shell. They are really fast. THey usually only come out at night to eat algae. They eat as much algae as most snails. They also are reported to reproduce in the tank. I also hear that 6line wrasses love to eat them. So if you have a 6line, it's days are numbered. That is why I have not gotten a 6line yet, bucause I want to set up a refugium first so I can put my stomatella in there to save them.


dsoz :)

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