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Zoas Closed


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I have 7 small Zoa colonies and 2 of them decided to stay closed for the last three days while the others look healthy. Any idea what would cause this or is it normal behavior?

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I'm not sure what they are called but just yesterday I was in one of the lfs and the owner was showing us some sort of tic looking bug that he said will get on zoas and iritate them. He said after a while they are able to blend in with the color and you can't see them. Again I'm not sure what they are called but I'm sure someone will know.

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Go to the Gallery (link on the left), then go to the Zoa Irritaters/Predators link. You'll see hi-res pictures of them there.

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I would look for nudis but otherwise not worry a whole lot. Zoas can be tempermental especially after a move. But the longer they stay closed the more you should be worried. I have had colonies close for around a week and I just left them alone and they began opening up again.


I've also had some thrive for over a year and then close up for months followed by a weird recession and now they are making a strong recovery again. All this while other zoa colonies in my tank kept normal growth.

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I just transfered my AP24 into a 40br last month and not all of my zoas have opened yet. I did kinda fry em with the new lighting though, but they don't look dead, just closed.

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