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Ok.....this my be a little off the wall


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I thought of the same thing. Since my house is a two story I was thinking about mirrors. With this tube just make sure the beam of light is right over the top of the tank. Nothing is better than the sun!


I dont see why that wouldnt work. You get the best light and its FREE! The only problem is if you live in a place with long grey, cloudy, gloomy,8hr day winters like we have here in Michigan. :rant: I am sure a few cloudy days would not hurt a reef, but 2wks+ is not good. All you have to do then is turn the lights on. :D

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I have the same concerns here in N.E. also.

I can picture myself up on the roof after a winter storm clearing the light dome.


Hey Jacko,that's really cool.

But it's that whole'call for a price"thing that scares me. :lol:

Have you priced a unit yet?

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You could do that, or you could just place your tank next to a window that gets direct sun. I have my tank next to a shaded window to keep it cool, opposite of what your doing. You could find a window that has sun, double paned would be good, build an insulated wall that could be raised up and down so you could control the amount of light and attach that to the back of your aquarium stand. Even better place a sand blasted piece of acrylic on the back of your tank for asthetics too. Place a mirror or white material to bounce light in from the window into the top of the tank. and there you go, only what do you do when the sun goes down and you want to look at your tank? So no need to take a sawsall to your roof, unless there is a gots to be place ready for your aquarium.

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