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Sammy's 40 Breeder


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Yeah :(


Hey I forgot to show my new toy :D Finally I have a nice source of water!!!


110 GPD 6 Stages Double Di. Its awesome. I made a 12G water change and everything looks so happy now :D So am I

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LOL! Its awesome! Is just very easy to install. Just make sure you don't use the thing that pierces the water feed. It just don't let the needed water pressure to pass through. I use it and it took 1 hour to make 1 gallon. Used the garden hose adapter and now its working nice. I want to redo the plumbing tough. I want to put a "T" before the faucet and a 1/2" to 1/4" adapter with a small valve so I don't need to disconnect and connect the thing when i need to use the hose.

PS your 2 breeders setup is sick! Its getting along very nice.

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DSCF0174.jpgDSCF0177.jpgColt FragDSCF0180.jpgWatchu Looking at!DSCF0181.jpgDSCF0184.jpgDSCF0185.jpgTheese are one of my favorites Zoas. I love how the blue one got a deeper color and longer skirts and now the have a green line right in itDSCF0188.jpgDSCF0193.jpgDSCF0193.jpgDSCF0202.jpgAnthelia and Zoas. Don't know how they grow there cause the rock was empty and I don't have either anthelia or these kind of zoas in my tank. Originally it had yellow polyps and button polyps. They died and now i have this!DSCF0208.jpgDSCF0211.jpgDSCF0214.jpgDSCF0218.jpgDSCF0222.jpg
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A plastic water bottle. Just cut the top and glue it back with the small hole to the inside so theres like a ramp to ease the entrance of the bastards. Put some krill in it and give it a few nights. Also my snails got trapped. Anyways I end up taking off all the rocks and made a 1 minute freshwater dip and that was how I really get rid of lots more of worms and other invertebrates. That didn't kill the rock at all and I just place the rock back with all the corals and now I have a peaceful tank. When I bough the pocillopora it came with a few crabs in it and a pistol as well but I don't mind having it there clicking all night.

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suppressive fire
Thanks.. Yes its a red spotted hawkfish... He's been aggressive to my blenny, killed my red lip and a horned blenny. Looks like he hates blennies. Also I've seen him bothering my clown so he is going in the fuge.

This are the final design of my stand. The front panel is the door (the whole panel) I wanted to have that look of "no doors visible" and a solid piece of wood. I don't like canopies. I don't mind about the light spilling over the tank and illuminates my room. Hey I bought a fancy fixture to show off, not to hide it. lol



This is what I used to keep it in place and closed. I think its a ball tension catcher or something like that. The tension is adjustable too.



hey where did you get thoes clips? i want to use them on my tank ;)

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I found them at a local hardware store but I've seen it at West Marie. People use them for the boats cabinets. Just ask for an adjustable ball tension catcher

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lol! Still working in my tank since received the last frags and added a few more rocks to place them. I'm liking how it looks and NEED a frag tank ASAP cause I have a few frags here that needs to go out of the display. I'll be posting soon the plans of the frag tank that will be hooked to the same system.

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Ok so here's what i'm planning. I want a small prop tank to hook it up with my main system. It will be next to the 40 and will use probably a 500GPH power head or a Mag 3 (got both in my closet) and will drill a 1" hole with a strainer to return back to the sump. As for light, still dunno. I won't be fragging any SPS for the moment since all I have is SPS frags and I want them to grow a lot before cutting them. So right now I just have lots of zoas, xenias, shrooms, colt, nephthea and candy cane, frogspawn to frag. As you can see I don;t need a strong light and anyway my T5's are next so it will probably spill a little light over it. The main idea is to have a diagonal front wall so you can see the corals like from the top without the need of turning off the pumps. I just saw somewhere a tank like this full of rics and looks awesome. I will make this out of acrylic cause I have a 3'x3' leftover board from a sump i made for a friend. I can't decide which one will work better. I really like having the front panel like that cause it helps me to give the whole tank a nice rounded flow when it hits the front.



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And last night, all the lights where Off including the moonlights and when I came home I turned On the moonlights and saw a weird thing over a big stalk of xenias. I was just amazed about that strange thing. I turned On the main lights and saw this BIG worm:





And this is how the Xenia looked. Notice right over the birdsnest. The piece is at the right of the big one. Is very small there and closed. Right now its completely gone. Just the a piece of base left. I hope it grows again.


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nice frags....and that is one heck of a worm. You could have caught an actual fireworm species (looks just like the fireworm my undergrad bio lab kept).

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I started the prop tank but for me own ease decided to go with a cube instead of the one that i posted. Its already built and still need to finish the plumbing. Took a few pics but I'm at work and forgot to bring the camera.


In other side, I would like to have another wrasse if its possible. I want to remove my GIANT royal gramma cause its getting a little aggressive towards other fish that swims close to his spot. He opens his mouth so BIG haha. I'm interested in a yellow Coris but I already have a Sixline. Can I have both of them? Also do Yellow Coris eat Hermits, Nassarius and shrimps like cleaners/coral banded?

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Wel guys, as promised (finally I post pics the day that I promised) here are the pics of the frag tank. A few pics of the build and stocked. I couldn't resist seeing it empty so I just prepare my frag kit and start to cut and glue :D heres what I got:









Return to sump:




And heres mah fraggin' kit








Id This ones?




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