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Mischief_ek's AGA 10g setup!


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Current Setup:

10g AGA

Sunpod 150w

AC 70, in the process of turning the AC110 into refugium

LS 10lbs

7lbs of figi, curing another 7lbs

AC20 powerhead



Maroon Clown



I've got this setup going for 14 days and the cycle rolled right through. It fully cycled in 6 days. I bought the live rock from my LFS and used 5 gallons of water from my 20g setup. The live rock was curing for about 20 days before I got my hands on it. So this combination might have helped the process.


Day 1:


Day 14: 7lbs of LR, AC70




I can't wait to throw the other rocks in and start adding more life.


AC110 refuge mod: waiting another day for it to cure.


I hope this unit won't be too powerful. I'll see how it goes when I get it running. I've had some trouble looking for a light for it though. I've had the mini aqualight and a the clip on light from dr foster and smiths in mind but still looking for other options.


Happy Reefing!!

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Maroon is sleeping in the far tight corner. He just loves that spot.


Here's a little update...


The AC 110 is in it's place and running. The flow was a little bit too much and was blowing the sand everywhere even turned all the way down. I had trimmed a bit off the impeller and it did the tricked.


Here's a most recent pic with another 5lbs of LR.



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ur going to need a bigger tank for the maroon, it will outgrow a 10 really quick...

or you can just give it back to your lfs when it gets to big and nice rock work.

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Maroon is definitely staying with me til the end. He will be placed in my bigger tank once he outgrows this 10g.


I cannot wait to stock this thing. I am gonna hold off for another 2 weeks before I get corals and etc.

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