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Bklynmet's 4g Finnex Nano


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Photos of the Tank:

Here are photos of the tank that was setup yesterday.


It is a 4g Finnex tank that came with 18W - 50/50 PC light fixture and HOB 30gph filter. I intend on using the filter for activated carbon and live rubble bits. I bought the tank at Preuss Pets in Lansing, MI this past Sunday. I also bought a 25W Visi-Therm Stealth heater which you can see in the right corner of the tank.


There's 1/2 inch to 1 inch of fine crushed Aragonite (spelling?) so it's not bare bottom.


I added the LR today 6/21/2007 and this is what it looks like now.




It's 5lbs of LR that I bought from Midwest Corals in Osceola, IN - more local to me.



The plan is to house zoanthids, ricordias, yumas, and possibly some LPS. I may get a small fish to put in there but that is still undecided.

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Parameters have tested out pretty good - with nitrates at between 2ppm and 5ppm.


I wanted to document the tank's current progress.


On Monday, I added a red mushroom and what was left of the orange ricordia I had in the 75g (in the hopes that the PC lights are more to it's liking than the T5s). I also added a frag of a purple rimmed montipora capricornis.


Today I added two separate little rocks of the green & purple tonga mushrooms like in this photo:




One of the rocks had 4 mushrooms on it and the other 1.5. The rest are at home in the 75g. I may frag a few off again so I can put in the 20g. We'll see..



I also added today a frag from a pulsing Xenia and a four polyp frag of the green zoanthids I have in the 75g.


I also have been topping off with RO at a rate of about 4 ounces a day so far. I have a 5 gallon bucket ready - half filled with pre-mixed saltwater - from home for water changes. I also have a 1 gallon jug here to keep RO available.


Temperature hasn't been an issue because of the central air conditioning here and keeping the heater set to 79 degrees.

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Added two nassauris (spelling?) snails and one astrea snail into the tank today. All are doing fine.


The greens zoas and tonga mushrooms I added yesterday are all doing well and appear adjusted. Xenia is open and pulsing - though yesterday it wasn't too happy looking. I'll likely do my first water change tomorrow.

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First approx. 20% water change was performed yesterday...


Things are looking good...


SG = 1.025

pH = ?

Ammonia/nitrites = 0

Nitrates = ~2ppm


Haven't measured Ca, Alk, or Mg yet.




Today's update:

I moved the green ricordia and a 5-polyp frag of 'eagle eye' zoas into the nano today. I also fragged some pink zoa but they're still recuperating in the 75g tank.


There are plenty of pods, amphipods, etc. crawling around. A brittle star or two and bristle worms have also been spotted. I haven't had much Algae growth on the glass (knocking on wood). Just some minor diatoms on the rock but the snails are taking care of it. Things are coming along.


I plan to take photos by the end of the week or so.

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I'm at it again - added some more frags...


I added the two-polyp piece of pink zoa/paly that I had recuperating at home (from my fragging them the other day) and I added two-headed frag of frogspawn.


While I had my hand in the tank, I picked up a frag of GSP (Green Star Polyps) and this tiny frag of Blue-Ridge Heliopora that I found growing in my 75g from when I accidentally chipped some of the main piece a few months back.


Pics! And FTS!


I did bring my camera in to the office with me today so I will post photos. I'm hoping that the latest additions are open by the time I'm ready to snap them.

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Full tank shot taken today:



Green Ricordia and tonga mushrooms.. sorry about the over exposure in this shot of the ric..



Pulsing Xenia:



Pink Paly.. Still getting adjusted to tank & handling at time of photo...



The orange ricordia that I hope recovers in this nano.. It was worse than what you are seeing before I put it in...



The monti frag... I don't have high expectations.. just want to see if it grows in this light...



Some Green Star Polyps (GSP)



Green Zoas and the light brown pebble in the crevice on the left is the blue-ridge heliopora...






Eagle Eyes:



That's all the photos I've taken...




Please let me know what you guys think...

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