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dang man nice tank where did you get that badboy?


Mike at Pacific Reef in Torrance, great deal on the pre-sale. I think he has one left from someone that backed out.

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how come theres no little yellow head with a drooling expression?

let us now how that tank is...looks to be the best all in one out there IMO

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how come no one's asking how much it was?

How much was it?


Honestly, I don't remember, its been several months. :lol: I picked up a bunch of different stuff and we worked out a good deal for everything!

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I think I can speak for everyone who has been waiting for these a full detailed box opening and cracking open a bottle of champaign to celebrate it finally being here! Let the fun begin!



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Damn, Just when my credit cards got paid off. We EXPECT lots of pics and performance data. (esp. water temps).



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Last I checked this isn't a strip club... No teases allowed! :angry::D


Damn I am leaving :angry:


I left my camera on my desk at work I was in such a rush to open the damn thing up.


So I put it back in and I'll post pics tomorrow. I need to mod the stand and tank on Sunday, I dont know if I will finish it or not. I'll see how crazy I get.... Rock is still cycling anyways.

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Mods??? we want to know baseline numbers first like what is max, averaged temp through out the day and all that first..

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