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JBJ 6 Gal - Assistance


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Hey everybody! 1st post but been reading forever. I USED to own a 55gal Saltwater that had a whole lot in it, but ended up selling it about a year ago, regret that now :angry:. But, I'm back in the game! It's an addiction.


Lead up:

After reading through a lot of posts here and on the internet I decided to go with the JBJ 6 gal. This way I can easily have it on my desk and it won't be too big. I have to stay small for now. (Just ordered it yesterday)



What I want in it:

LPS Hard - maybe a plate (ST), frogspawn, and/or brain. I don't know exactly how much room I will have or the arrangement I want yet.


Mushrooms - a couple different ones.




A normal cleanup crew - blue legs and smaller snails.


Fish (singular) - I was thinking a firefish and/or goby. Think both would be too much?



Lighting - It comes with 1 x 18W. Is that going to be enough for what I want. Personally I think not only 3WPG. Can I just replace the bulbs with a higher wattage, or has a simpler method been figured out?


Skimmer - Is the fission nano any good? I have heard differing opinions.


Is the flow going to be enough in the stock pump?


UV Sterilizers - just kidding!


If there's anything else you could think of just let me know! I appreciate everything.


I am just hoping for some recent, solid information. The lighting information seems to be different for everyone and it got really confusing.


Thanks again,


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the skimmer is garbage. The only thing I use mine for is aeration.


http://www.nanocustoms.com/index.php?cPath=2 - sells lighting upgrades. They sell a 2x18 and 3x18 kit. (i'd get the 3x18 :P)


IMO the brain and plate won't be fine under stock lighting, but will be under upgraded.


Most people upgrade the stock pump. Check out mods in the All-In-One section of the forum :)


And fish....all depends on how much you wanna do. If you're willing to do the weekly water change you'd be fine with both :)

Just make sure (pleaseeee) don't get an orange spot diamond goby....they starve in 55g let alone 6 :P

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Just make sure (pleaseeee) don't get an orange spot diamond goby....they starve in 55g let alone 6 :P



Alright, since you said it nicely!


Thanks for the help. Any cheaper DIY methods for lighting? haha


One more thing - OH lighting - if I stay with the stock lighting while it cycles. Which I don't think you're supposed to have the lights on at all? Correct me if I'm wrong. For a month at least? Then upgrade to the nicer lighting will that be OK?

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Welcome to the club. I got my 6G back in October of 05. I have the nanotuners 3X18w lighting upgrade. the stock pump was not good enough so I upgraded.. but don't remember what I tossed in there! I don't have a skimmer, I had the hang over one and used my dremel to cut it down alot, I ended up just removing it and might put it back on later. I have filter floss in the first chamber which gets removed 2x a week, cheato in the middle( I cut the vinyl out of the back and have a florescent light back there, just a garage light I put into a container to stop light bleed into the bedroom, and the heater/pump in the 3rd chamber. I DO have a slight heating problem, but I will add some sort of chiller one day(scared of drilling!).


I do 1gallon water changes weekly without additives and my cleanup crew is 1 margarita, 3 LITTLE nassarius and iirc 2 ultra tiny ceriths. They seem to do a good job keeping the tank clean, I might add in a hermit from my 3gallon pico before I get rid of it. The clown was from my 24gallon which is going to a friend's house as a freshwater tank.. he will be donated back to the LFS possibly soon, I think he might be too big for the tank.



here's a shot I took with my D70 with the acitinics on and with some heavy processing using aperture on my MB.



http://hexcor.net/wayot/6g.JPG this is a LARGE picture with all lights on and minimal post processing. I had added some of the corals over the past 2-3 weeks when I was emptying the 24gallon tank, I need to rearrange the rockwork and place the corals in better places, I just needed to move them..

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Stick with the stock lighting during the cycle if you want. Dont know of any other light upgrades that will keep the factory look of the NC. I put water in my NC 6 3wks ago and just added the 3.18 kit this past weekend. I also changed out the pump with a maxijet 600 and a hydroflo. I would skip the skimmer. I have a sapphire on my NC 12 but I just dont see a 6G needing one. I stripped the backing off chamber 1, added some chaeto and a light. I have some sponge below the chaeto to keep it in place. Chamber 2 has LR rubble, and Chamber 3 has pump, heater, chemipure and purigen. Some will argue but you could keep a firefish and a goby as long as you did your 1gal a week water changes.

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