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Planning The Next Tank


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Time to setup a big tank again! Starting to make plans and pull some of the equipment together. Suggestions/opinions welcome. Here is what I'm debating between:





Oceanic 58g Reef Ready Black (36”x18”x21”) (already have, but can sell pretty easily)


Oceanic 72g Bow Front Reef Ready (48"x18"x22")


Oceanic 75g Reef Ready Black (48"x18"x21")


Oceanic 90g Tech Reef Ready Black (48"x18"x25")




Which ever stand goes with the tank.




All Glass 29g Black (30”x12”x18”) or may go bigger if I get a 48" tank




-2x175w MH w/ SE bulbs (already purchases, may upgrade to electronic ballasts though) (if i get a 25" tall tank though, probably need to go 2x250w)

-2 or 4 36" 95w or 48" 110w VHO w/ ARO electronic ballasts

-Fans of some sort





-40 lbs Caribsea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand (1”)

-60-90 lbs Fiji Live Rock


Sump/Refugium/Remote Plenum

-Jaubert/Sprung/GARF/Goemans Style Plenum

-80 lbs Caribsea Arag-Alive Special Grade Sand (4”)


-Euro-Reef RC135 Recirculating Protein Skimmer w/ Sedra SP3 (already purchased), fed by maxijet 400 or 600

-Two Little Fishes Phosphate Reactor


Heating & Cooling:

-200w All-Glass/Hydor Heater



-2-4 Maxijet 1200 Powerheads (295 gph each)

-2 Korillia Hydor Water Pumps (probably the 800 gph ones)


-Seaswirls and maxijets or some other combo

-Eheim 1262 or Mag 7 or 9 return pump


Dosing/Water Changes:

-Spectrapure 90 gph RO/DI Unit

-Instant ocean/reef crystals salt

-Precision Marine Calcium Reactor

-Precision Marine Kalkwasser Reactor

-Pinpoint pH controller

-Pinpoint pH probe (to monitor effluent)

-ATO of some sort


Planned Livestock



-Flame Angel

-Pygmy Angel

-Yellow Tang

-Sixline Wrasse

-Pair Percula Clowns

-Baby Blue Hippo Tang

-what ever else I find that is neat



-SPS Heavy

-Some LPS

-Mushrooms and zoos to fill in the blanks



-Cleaner Shrimp

-Maxima or Crocea clam

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I'd go with the big boy!!


How about some onyx clowns? Those are on the shopping list once I get my 58 bank from being drill, hopefully its today!

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I'd go either 58 or 75. Only because I think 25" is a lot to try to reach the bottom. Or go all out and get a 120. Plus, you already have the 175w lights.


You could also do less maxi jets and replace them with seios or koralias and have less pumps in the tank.


For all those reactors and controllers, you might as well but an AC Jr on the list.


I like my JBJ auto top off, but the audible alarm is pointless.

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I really like this tank:




Sucks the stand can only fit a 20g sump though.


I think the 90g is just too tall.


I think I got it down to the 75, 58, and 72.


This 75 looks nice:



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