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Ligths during a live rock cycle


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I have a quick questions...when you are cycling your tank with live rock, should you run your lights at full blast?


I read an article that claimed that you should only use your blues (actinic) during the cycling period.


Also, if anyone can point me to a really good article on cycling with liverock, I would appreciate it.



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the less your lights are on, the less green hair algae (GHA) you will get durring cycling. if the rock is uncycled, plann on a month at least b4 doing anything (including water changes, top-offs ok). if it is 'cured' rock, could be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to be safe. I ran my lights about 5 hours a day durring cycle to keep GHA down.


also no need to double/cross post. you will get an answer when someone has one for you.

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I prefer no lighting whatsoever. Sure you may have a few unhappy hitchhikers, if you're lucky enough to get shrooms or zoas on the rock, but not dealing with the hair algae is worth it, IMO.


As for cycling info, just search "cycling" on here and you'll find plenty.

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Sorry about the cross post. I posted on all-in-on first, and I didn't know if that thread got a lot of traffic.


This is the rock that I purchased.




I cleaned it using that kent rock treatment with the brush on the end. I also added nitromax marine at the suggestion of my LFS. I guess I will run my blues only while it cycles.


Thanks for the help!

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