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So the title is as stated..... I have been wanting to upgrade for sometime now I currently have a pretty full 16h. However my clarkii clown pair have started to out grow the tank. So I was going to buy a 50 breeder because it would perfectly fit on the dresser that currently holds my 16. But this past week the was a complete 55 set up in the paper for $300. The owner had lost intrest due to a tank crash this past Jan. caused by a thermometer probe falling from the tank. The results were a loss of over $1500 in coral. However the Yellow Belly Hippo Tang, Yellow Tang and Maroon and Gold Clownfish survived the 110 degree over heating session.



So heres what I got......

AGA 55g

wrought iron stand

Custom Sealife 4X65 = (Current USA ORBIT)

HOB CPR backpak

Penguin 70 biowheel

3 maxi-jet 1200

1 maxi-jet 900


350 watt titanium heater

Ton of Joes Juice

2 Complete master test kits

Big Jugs of b-ionic Alk and Ca solutions

Sea-Veagie dried seaweed

2 grounded/fused power strips

Full 5- gallon Bucket of Reef Crystals

2 extra Buckets

Big Scrapper



40lbs of live rock

decent amount of live sand

Some green button polps

Maroon and Gold Clown - which I gave to a friend of mine

Yellow Belly Hippo Tang

Yellow Tang

3 Astraea Snails

5 Bumble Bee snails

3 Nassiarius


So whats the Catch

- The rock has a ass load relatively big Aiptasia

- He had obviously neglected the tank in the past couple of months besides enough to keep the fish alive. The clown had been digging and upsetting sand which he didn't clean of Everything, which resulted in killing off parts of the live rock.

- Everything mechanical needed a Serious Cleaning



I joes Juiced a ton of the Aiptasia two days ago, which so far appears to be working.

Yesterday I picked up Three peppermint shrimp which I have yet to see. 10 turbo snails and 5 Nassarius Snails.

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I hope to have pictures up by the end of the week. I won't be transfering the 16h until I can get the Aiptasia problem under control and things settle a bit, probably around a week or two.

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Sweet score you got. Too bad about the aiptasia's though that seems like a never ending story with me anyways. Hope to see pics soon.

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So.... I guess I lied up updating this thread...o well. Summer got busy quick and before I new it I was back in college. So heres what has changed. I moved out of my parents house so the tank is now in the living room of my apartment. The yellow tang, maroon and gold clown fish and my clarkii pair are gone. I kept the Yellow belly hippo tang because I have never seen one other than mine. I now have a flame angel, mandarin goby and a niger trigger. Recently I have picked up an aboundance of corals: torch, octobubble, green zoanthids, 15 mushroom polyps, finger leather, purple and orange ricordia..... I'm sure theres more but for now this should do. I will post pics tomorrow?

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I feed a combination of prime reef, p mysis and julians sea veggies. I also soak my food in selcon concentrate, and feed twice a week. He is in alot better shape now than when I got him in the begining of the summer. If you have opinions or facts on a better diet, please do tell.

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Try inriching the frozen food in one of these......










The links foods above are some what pricey (you mentioned you were a college student and you may not want to drop $50 just to inrich some frozen/flake food), So if you don't want to buy those that fine (your only inriching the frozen food), in stead buy a $2 feeding clip and put a good amount of the dried algae on it every morning. I have never had a blue tang but i have a vlamingii tang (from the naso family). My tang eats purple and green dried algae, you may want to try green, red and purple algae and start to feed the one your tang likes the best.


Your tang looks fat from your pic witch is a very good thing, Blue tangs in the wild only eat plankton they are midwater feeders, Since plankton is EXTREMELY full of vitamins it is important to make sure your tang gets as much nourishment as possible. So i would say the easiest a cheapest rout would be the dried algae on the feeding clip every morning and replace with more algae when you see the clip has no more algae on it.. Try and feed your tang more dried algae than frozen food or flake/pellet food.


in a few months you should see the spots going away with the dried algae always being offered. You may worry about putting that much food in the tank, but considering that you don't have SPS you should be fine with the extra nutrients. Also a plus with the dried algae on the clip is the pods will nibble on it and your mandrin will get more vitamins in his food, And the pods will breed more with more food for them. Also from the pic of your mandrin i would say its a male (just in case your ever wondered).

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Cool...thanks for the info! Yeah I knew the mandarian was a male, he "puffs" himself up and fights with his reflection in the aquarium. I am actually kind of worried about the mandarian .... I don't know if you can tell by the picture but his tail is pretty shot from the hippo tang.

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Holly crap only $250....to think i'm going to spend $4500+ dollars on my 40g makes me want to cry
Yeah tell me about it my first tank was a 16h and I put around $1000 into it, thats why I could't pass this up. The liverock alone made this worth buying .....I'll post a FTS later today.What???? wrong section
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Updated Setup

- AGA 55g

- wrought iron stand

- Custom Sealife 4X65 = (Current USA ORBIT)

- HOB CPR backpak - now running the surface skimmer box

- Aquaclear 70 - running live rock rubble, re usable 50 micron filter pad, chemi-pure.

- 2 modded maxi jet 1200

- 350 watt titanium heater

- I also have a small battery powered back up air pump that automatically comes on if the power goes out. Figured it was worth the 17 bucks.


Rock Work

- Around 65 pounds of live rock give or take a few

- 1.5" deep sand bed.... so whatever that is in pounds



- torch

- octobubble

- frogspawn

- 2 purple ricordia

- 1 massive green ricordia

- tons of kenya tree corals

- tons of mushroom polyps

- hairshrooms

- green star polyps

- lots of zoanthids

- green button polyps

- finger leather

- devils finger

- feather duster

- still some lingering aiptasia



5-10 red leg hemit crabs

5 blue leg hermit crabs

15 Astraea

5 bumble bee snails

10 Nassiarius

2 cleaner shrimp

I put 3 Peppermint shrimp in earlier this summer, but have never seen them since!?!?!?


So obviously I took care of the aiptasia problem...joe juiced the crap out of them. The live rock has made a good recovery, the coraline is coming back in force. However after I moved my tank into my apartment this past september, I have been battling the red slime. Its almost gone, but still makes its presence known on my sand and on the top of my water.


Potenial upgrades to come.....

- Mod my maxi jets with the extreme water flow kits I see around, then pair it with a wave timer.

- A new stand so I can run a sump....(spring project)

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