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nUgZ's new 10g


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Here is one of my new tanks. It's a 10g AGA that will house various types of Zoanthids/Palythoa and various mushrooms. The sand is live Tahitian Moon black sand and the rock is from my old reef tank. It's got a long way to go, but it'll be nice in no time.


Lighting- Current Orbit 2x40 watt PC fixture with 2 lunar lights.


Flow- Aquaclear 70/300, Maxi-Jet 400.



Large Hairy Mushroom

Trimma tevegae(Trimma goby)

Porcelain crab

Pistol Shrimp

Zebra Hermit

Scarlet Hermit


*EDIT* I don't think there are any Zebra hermits in here anymore. One of them liked to climb out of the tank...I found him dried up under the couch. I haven't seen the other one in quite a while. I also haven't seen the Scarlet hermit lately either. I added two blue-leg hermits and two Nassarius snails. I'll probably add a couple more Nassarius soon.


Don't mind the crappy pics.






Left Side




Right Side




One of the Zebra Hermits



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I thought this was a nice shot of my Trimma goby. It could be sharper, but I like it regardless.




Another shot of the Trimma.








Right side




Hairy Mushroom











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that is one big mushroom... very nice... do you have an actinic light shot of it to show off some of its color?


looks like lots of people are using black sand... i like it

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I know I said this was going to be a Zoanthid/Mushroom tank, but there will be one exception. As a rule I don't keep leathers, but this is supposedly a Tyree toadstool.



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ahhh its the 10 gal king! sup dude! in fayettnam again!


got some cheap frags if i decide to drive back to graceland insted of flying?


is that a yuma on a piece of tofu?

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my brother is giving me a 94ish accord!! w/ ram air, fatty ignition wires etc....ricers are his thing....


i wanna take it back to memphis, but....i dunno....i gotta ask mommy for some money....

i leave around the 31st...depends on what i do.....id hate to waste my non refundable round trip plane ticket...but id also hate to pass up a free car


i spent all my money on my **$@#* reef tank..... :lol:


and not working is putting a damper on things too.....mom will probably come through..


ill pm before i leave!

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Awesome new frag tank man....you are for sure the 10g frag tank kind in my opinion. Looks like you are off to a great start with getting this going as well and I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

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Thanks for looking divecj5. I need new bulbs for this tank, but I hope to order them soon. I'm also going to put some more rock in here and re-do the aquascape. It already looks somewhat different. I made the mistake of having grape Caulerpa where it could touch the rock and you know the rest. If I can ever get rid of it all I can move forward with my plans. It will be nice once I finish everything.

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i love this tank... glad it got bumped up... how about a FTS? and do you still have that huge mushroom? can we get an actinic shot of that?

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Thanks a lot Matty. I'll try to get a FTS tomorrow. I actually rearranged it a little today. I need new bulbs, but I should be ordering those soon. I do still have the mushroom. Hopefully it'll be settled in by tomorrow and I can get a good shot of it.

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I lucked out today and got first dibs on this Acan. It's been under normal output flourescent lights, so I have to keep it under PC's for a few weeks before I can put it under the halide. I have no idea how nice this may end up being, but I think I'll be pleased. I don't mind the way it looks now.







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The new Acan is looking better already. Here's a top down actinic shot.








The hairy mushroom is eating something. I'm not sure what though...I hope it's not a fish.




Please pardon the LPS in the tank...I know it's supposed to be a Zoanthid/Mushroom tank. It will be back to normal soon I hope.





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