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Attention all Reefers.


I now have had the experience of a transaction with Mvite.

He and I have Pmed ever since I fell in love with his basement prop setup.

I stummbled on a deal that he was offering a poster that...o my...backed out and Mvite gave anyone the opportunity to get a single PPE if the poster backed out

and you posted for 2nd debs.


Everyone can use a PPE right???...so we then worked out a better deal with trade in the future.

OMG...Awesome awesome awesome...ya I said awesomeaquatics!!!


Class act with a reefers heart...Im really into Micros and those little buggers cost a little...but I would have never thought I would get a MICRO Freebieeeeee.


Mvite thank you very much for a easy healthy transaction that has made my Micro lane twinkle.


Folks dont wait around...check with Mvite for anything you are looking for...

YOu will not be disappointed



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no more ppe's???????????????

Yeah---I fragged em after all the PM's I got!!


You said you wanted to trade--right?


We can next week.

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that works with me i just thought you were completely out when i didnt get a reply back

I get buried in PM's and forget sometimes.

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