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my 10 gallon aquarium


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Alright so i decided to take down my first attempt at a SW aquarium because the chromis i was using to cycle died :angry: . After that i decided to detch the LFS advice and just use stuff that i found here and in books. the tank has already cycled on behalf of the aforementioned chromis. Here are the specs.



10 gallon AGA



Penguin 150 BioWheel. (ditched biowheel and am using back chamber for extra rocks etc.)

5-7 lbs of cycled LR



15 watt (to be upgraded later)



100 watt HOT



1 pink margarita snail

1 emerald mithrax crab



2-3 more snails

1-2 blue legged hermits

1 purple firefish

assorted mushrooms and zoos (after lighting upgrade)


and now for the pics let me know what you think




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get more rocks then.


I was planning to but this was all the guy i bought them from was willing to sell


I thought about ditching the mushroom idea and just getting something like a colt coral to grow up the back and then maybe xenia or gsp for the foreground.


BTW i am dosing calcium and buffer

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ok i am not sure about the purple firefish anymore since i have done some more researching and read that they could be quite shy. does anyone have any suggestions for bright fish that would be content in a small tank. i was thinking about a perc but wasnt sure if i could take all the nemo comments :P .


Also i got a raise in my allowance so i am going to place an order for more LR at the end of the month.

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Its a great start!


Yeah you could go with a perc. or Ocellaris clown. Or some kind of goby. Active and colorful.

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I went to the LFS today to buy a calcium test kit and another snail. Well I ended up buying the test kit and a reef hermit. I wanted to buy a really neat yellow feather duster but my mom said I needed to save some money ;) .


Here are my parameters right now


Ammonium = 0

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 5 DOWN

Calcium = 400

ALK = 2.5

pH = 8.1

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