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Sea Life Florida-Amazing!


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I just received my order of 20+ polyps of neon blues & another small (?) frag of blues. They came boxed like this in 3ml bags (The 3rd bag had lots of free stuff). Some were loose polyps like he said but most of them were on rocks. I glued some of the smaller stuff onto frag plugs.





BTW I am NOT dipping in Furan. That is my medicated dipping bowl. :D


All of this is what came!




Notice the feather duster on the small blue frag.




They are already starting to open.


I decided to upgrade to overnight shipping & Ken went the extra mile to make it happen. Thank, Ken! Awesome customer service. BTW I am still finding new stuff popping out of your live rock after all these months. Good stuff!

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I really like Sea Life too. I once got an order of blue zoanthids attached to a live oyster. Took me a while to realize it. Too cool!

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I have great things to say about Sealifeinc.net



I ordered 2 Green Florida Rics from Ken for $30 bucks which included shipping!


I received them yesterday and Ken sent me an extra Ric! 3 rics for 30 bucks shipped!





Heres a pic:



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