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Fuge for an Eclipse 12?


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I am interested in setting up a fuge for my Eclipse 12, but I really don't know where to start. I am not sure if I can have one externally, so I would like to set one up internally if at all possible (not sure if it technically would still be called a fuge). I mainly just want to have cheato in it so it can help with phosphates and nitrates. Can I modify the hood to have a light in it somehow, so that the cheato can be where the filter media is designed to be? Also, I have heard that you can put a bunch of cheato inside the aquarium in a soap holder (like for a shower), is this true? Has anyone tried it?

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the soap holder would be an intank fuge...there are several things you can look into for an external fuge


you can get a HOB fuge like a CPR fuge...or get an overflow box to siphon water into a tank down below...do a search for DIY fuges or custom fuge etc, you should get a good amount of threads to help you out


also look for CPR fuges on drfostersmith to see how those are and the sizes of they are



as for placing it where the filter media goes in an eclipse you could prob just remove that, add some cheato, cut a hole in the top and place a light on there...that might work, although i dont think that tray is very deep

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If your 12 gallon eclipse is acrylic you could fit another 12 gallon acrylic tank behind your main, drill a hole in both tanks and connect with a two inch pvc pipe, use a silicon glue to get things water tight. Get some acrylic sheets and stager them so water flows up and down through 4 sections so you can put different things in each chamber. Fill the back tank with live rock rubble in all the chambers. In the first chamber use a 3" inch pipe and drill holes on the bottom so water flows out the bottom, glue it to the bottom of the tank. Place a filter sock in the pipe along with the water pump tubing. Surround the pipe with whatever filtermedia you want, bags of carbon, Seachem Matrix, or whatever filter media that you want. Put mangroves in the second chamber, calupra in a third chamber and cheato in the forth chamber, you could add a skimmer in the forth chamber too for even more water polishing. By the time the water gets to your main tank it should be pretty clear. Let the water flow through to your main tank, that way copepods and amphipods can enter your tank withought being damaged by an impeller. So that would mean that your main water pump will either be the one in your Eclipse hood or upgrade it to something that moves more water per hour.


You could even do this side by side and have a reef tank on one side and a refugium / seahourse tank on the other. Good luck.

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