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everything looks shrivled.......


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ok well i just won the battle against a small red cyano bacteria outbreak and now that i have that under control everything isnt opening fully. i htink it might be a lighting issue. im running an 18 watt pc bulb on a 5.5 gallon and it has been working fine since recently. im only putting in low light things such as gsp, zoas and palys, trumpet coral, shrooms, ric, and umbrella leather. up until recently everthing has been going great. i think my light is dying off, cuz its been about 6 or 7 months.


ok real question though. im using a toms deco kit 3 gallon light on it. do you think the fixture and ballast would be powerful enough to run a 24 watt bulb? i know i wouldnt be able to use the cover on the stock fixture but i can easily build something to work. thanks for the help.

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The TOMs are 18W


No, as epic said you can't put a 24W in there. Look into the Coralife 2x18W fixture or DIY :)


Or do a MH :P

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ok yea i kinda figured that after i posted. but do you think my corals are smaller due to an old bulb? its about 6 or 7 months old. thanks.

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Wait, how did you win the battle against your cyano outbreak? Did you use one of those chemical additives? Those things can really do a number on a tank, they say they are safe but they can really jack up a tank. I don't remember exactly which way it was but I think they reduce the waters ability to exchange gases or reduce its ability to carry gases. I once used some in a 3G JBJ Picotope and had shriveled up mushrooms and xenia until I did a 90% water change as a last resort after 3 30% water changes (over 3 days) didn't work.

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