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Aquatraders Products


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Ive been looking through aquatraders and their AMAZING prices in their lighting Department. My question Is why are products like these so cheap?




I mean thats 30-40$ cheaper than the Statalite fixtures my Current, and about half the price of their Orbit fixtures.


So my question is why so cheap? Is there a big difference? Has anybody purchased any of these fixtures? If so please give feedback on them. I Proboly wouldnt touch their Halide Fixtures because of fire hazard but their Compacts look just like everybody elses.


Please inform me if I'm missing something.

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But what makes them crappy? Do they just Die after a short period of time. Or do they just not produce as much light?

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its pretty poor quality stuff there...like the legs can fall out at any time.

but i know someone that bought a sphion overflow box there it seems to be working...

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