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Conflicting ID


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It is a 'yuma ricordea' as opposed to a florida ricordea.


Is that your tank or theirs? Make sure you get rid of those pest anemones :)

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I had an out break of aiptasia. Yeasterday I hit the big ones with Joe's Juice and I have 3 peppermint shrimp coming in on Tuesday.

So the verdict it yuma.

I got 10 of them on a rock for $10.00 :D He had a tank full and thought they were hairys. When I found out they were possibly rics I emailed him to let him know what he had and his response was " Really! Well good, I hope you enjoy them" Total score. What would be the average price of this these?


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Does he have more? I'll pay double + shipping :P


I just paid $35 for a single yuma polyp. Pink with a green mouth....just 2 color :(

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No I don't think so. He listed it on our local members site and the last I time I looked at the thread he added gone to the title. Soory!! He said the multiplied like crazy for him. The rock I got had bleach babies on the bottom. If they keep it up I will be more then happy to send you some. I broke the rock up a have 2 rocks with 2 each that I'm probably going to trade in at one of the lfs. If it doesn't go through I will let you know.

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Thats a yuma for sure.....Yumas have the bubbles around the mouth while the floridas dont have any bubbles around their mouths

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