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should i drill a return


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Well I was almost done with my diy 15, I made a side wall overflow built a not so great stand and I ended up cracking the bottem of the tank when I was trying to force a reducer into the bulkhead while it was in the tank. If I had taken it out I would have had no problems. Anyway onto the new tank. Instead of making another false wall overflow I decided to buy an overflow box. It is a side panel box and i've only used the kind where you drill the bottem of the tank for both drain and return. The box has just one hole for drain.


Should i just have the return go over top the tank, or should i drill a hole or 2 for the return?


Return is a mag 5 at about 3 feet so its not a lot of flow.

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do you have a hood? If you have a hood that would hide the return, then just make them go over the top to simplify your plumbing. If you run topless with a pendant, they'd look like crap hanging over the top, so I'd drill the return(s).

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