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Biocube Questions


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Is it possible to pop out the false bottoms in the second and third chambers in the back, so I could put my heater and a protein skimmer in the back? By the way, my tank is already filled and has life... So is it still OK to do this after the tank is filled? As well, what is the smallest skimmer on the market right now? One that would fit in the second back chamber with ease. THANKS!!!

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I don't know what size your cube is so I couldn't suggest a skimmer - but as far as they go - you generally get what you pay for. You may want to check:




They design skimmers to fit those rear compartments.


Removing the false floor in an Oceanic BC is easy... just push down on one of the corners of the floor and the whole thing will tilt. Then just pull it out.

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Oh sorry, I forgot to say that it is Biocube 29 gallon. Sorry. Thanks!



No worries.. I have the BC29 as well... great tank and all the info I posted above still applies!


Good Luck

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Also, what exactly does skimming do, I heard that it removes all the little particles and stuff in the water. But wouldn't that take all the nutrients out of the water too? That would kill my tube worms in my liverock wouldn't it?! So? Is skimming 100% good or what? Opinions please!

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