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Did I just kill my ricordia?


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I was attempting to move my ricordia that I super glued to a rock about a month ago. It was already attached to some rubble when I got it. I was using a knife and prying at the base of the rock when I slipped and hit the underside of the ric. :wacko:


It's now all shrived up and was oozing some white stuff out of the underside where I cut it. Also, is this white ooze toxic to my tank? I tried to manualy remove most of it with a turkey baster.


Any input is much appreciated!





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Well, I found a link that shows someone cutting a yuma like a mushroom to propagate it. Kinda makes me feel a little better. I'll keep an eye on him and see how he is in the morning.


I'm still not sure how toxic his guts are other than maybe an ammonia spike. I plan on doing a water change in the morning.


I'd still appreciate any input from some of the more experienced reefers.






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I have never cut up ricordia (yet, they are on my to-do list), but I have cut up several mushrooms. When they are cut the white goo that comes out is OK. Leave it alone. It will heal over and in a week you should not be able to tell that you cut it. OR you can try cutting it in half and end up with two smaller rics. Both should grow nice and big in a few months. :)



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It will be okay, i do it all the time. I have five new rics that were cut form some others(one had two mouths) And i just had a blue one i was trying to attach one that wasn't cut, yet, and it split and i put it in a container that has holes but i had placed some rocks on top....it then melted. So make sure it gets some good flow around it and it should heal up really soon! Good luck.

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