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Background Color?


Background Color  

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  1. 1. What color should do the background of my 1G MB?

    • Light Blue
    • Black
    • White
    • Dark Blue
    • Leave it alone
    • Other

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For other please post here!


EDIT:Im doing black sand so what will look the best. Im thinking about Black sand and a black background.




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I know it's a matter of personal taste, but I think blue looks bad. I also think black contrasts with the colors of the livestock better.

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Yeah I have a BioCube and the back is black so I dont know what color to do. I started a thread on the tank in the Member Aquariums Forum. So check it out! :D I havent painted the back yet, in the picture I have a dark blue piece of paper to see what it would look like.




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I have black sand and a black background. Looks fantastic. I love it. I find the solid blue jumps out at you too much if you have black sand. If you have a blue background, it looks great with white sand or a white/black sand mix, but not so much with the black.


A black background and white sand looks pretty good too, though not as nice as blue with white. Black with the mixed sand and black with black sand look fantastic.


It's sortof a tossup between blue/white and black/black as to which looks nicest. CM has it right though, the black can make the tank seem darker, so make sure you've got a lot of light if you're going black/black. Blue/white looks brighter and a little more natural, while black/black tends to highlight and enhance the coral colorations.


I've seen some neat backgrounds done by some more artistically inclined people, but they'd require a lot more work and talent than a solid color. One of them was a blue and black gradient that started out blue at the top, and black at the bottom. Made the tank background look like it was miles out in the ocean. The other was a mottled grey/pink/purple thing that was meant to look like coralline covered LR. Though I wouldn't personally do it, it looked good.


In case I confused you, my vote is for the black background

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My buddy has a 3g Pico and he left his clear. The caroline grew over most of the back and it's purple now anyhow. I think it looks great.

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I have a dark blue on my 1 tank looks great and the other tank I left clear I have the dark blue on the freshwater tanks also looks great its a huge roll of wrapping paper from christmas

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

let me start by saying black is my fav color (or lack of )


my motto, if it aint black, send it back!


that being said, i've had all my aquariums both black and blue (the new system being the exception.) i wish i had been able to find blue acrylic. (its black based on acrylic choices.)


black sucks alot of light out of the aquarium, blue imo is a much better choice.

i like black back grounds, but blue aquariums seem to be sooo much brighter, making everything else in the aquarium that much brighter.


i'd start with a dark dark blue (almost black) and fade up to a very light blue. (top)

it really gives the illusion of depth.

just my $.02

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Yeah I really like the black too. I personally think that blue makes the tank look cheesy and fake.


Well there is a 10W 50/50 bulb in there right now. Do you think that is enough on a 1G to make it look bright enough? Or should I go with the blue?




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Black is defiantly the best for photos, if you want to show off to your imaginary internet friends :)


But light blue looks really good in person, as long as you don't let any coralline grow on it.

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I would go for black ... but in the end it might not matter. Yo get enough coraline algae you won't see the background :)

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