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Tube Anemone


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Well, my tube anemone "molted its disgusting tube, and has stopped moving... I don't know what to do... It's really weird. It's a really nice one so I would like to get it back to health. As well, It has barelly any tube left, so it cannot go back into itself... :( I am just wondering if anyone has any idea how to bring it back, or if they could tell me of their tales if this has happened to theirs... Thanks.

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OK, I know it is alive now! It was moving and was contracting and expanding. So I am not worried as much as earlier now :D


tube anemones are very difficult to keep, better to avoid those in the future

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i actually had no problem keeping one alive it was keeping it happy and in one home that was my problem.

They crave a deep sand bed and will move all over in search of deeper sand. Some have had luck with filling a pvc pipe with sand and planting one in that.

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