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Flame Angel Question


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I Got a Flame angel yesterday, placed it in the tank, after standard aclimation. He was one happy camper, till this morning.




My Sleeper Goby has been fine for 2 weeks now, no sign of stress on the corals, or Zoas.


Stats are Great

Amm 0 , Nitrire 0, Nitrate well below 2.3, SG 1.023, salinity about 30 (if I scaled by Refracter right) PH 7.9 temps at about 79 to 81


I no, I didnt feed it either...


Are Flames to fragile for a NC 24? I have read threads here, where other have them in similiar tanks. LFS says they are very tough fish..


I dunno folks, very disappointing...

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it just happens with some fish, I have had clownfish do the same thing to me for no reason, might have been wild caught with poison, check with the store for a refund

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"How long has the tank been setup and how did you acclimate it?"


I started the tank May 1st, so far I have done the bi-weekly water changes, Used RO water to start, LR with LR rubble in the 2nd chamber. etc etc etc..


I let the fish get " temp equaled" for 30 minutes, then added 1/4 of exsisting water to bag for 20 minutes, then added another 1/4 cup for 20 more, then let him go in....


So far I have had very little trouble, everything is growing, the Zoas, Frogspawn, HAmmer coral, and my Sun Crest and Green star palyps. The Clam and My sleeper Goby have been in 3 weeks, Everything to this point has been awesome...


Was it eating when you bought it? yes, and he was nibbling on the LR for 9 hours before the lights cycled to moon light, I checked tha tank at 3 am, he was hiding in the cave you see inb the FTS. but once the light came on at 8am, he was dead...







and yes, tomorrow is tank cleaning day, I know about algae.. it looks bad...

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